Intensive Summer Courses 2019 – Original Language Version

Courses for Adults and Young People

1st to 26th July 2019

Spanish Course: Immersion in the Language and Culture

48 hours, Monday to Thursday 17:30 to 20:30

1st Week: Spanish through music. The history of Spanish/Catalan music. Review of selected Spanish songs. Project on an artist, analysis of their work. Selection of a song, analysis of the lyrics, meaning and symbolism.

2nd Week: The art of communication. How to communicate ideas in different contexts. Literary texts. Comparison of verbal tenses. Influencing through communication. Debates and expressing opinions correctly. The different registers of the language.

3rd Week: Culture and traditions: Cuisine; recipes and typical meals, dishes and drinks. Folklore, traditional dances, historical places and debates. Applied everyday language.

4th Week: Theatre. Analysis of a piece of theatre, the symbolism and meaning and the author. Analysis of dialogue. Student performance of the piece of theatre at the end of the course.

Price: 288€ for registrations before 24th June 2019 (for later registrations, the price is 384€)
All the materials and the inscription fee are included in the price.