MLC online courses

Our clients are very busy people. They are successful in their work and have very busy schedules. They travel. They give presentations about their companies. They negotiate. They sell. They get stressed. They have lunch while answering their emails. They lead teams. And most of these things they do in English.

We accompany them in everything they do…


  • We advise them on the language, style and tone of their presentations
  • We instruct them on how to hold an international meeting in China, Germany or New York
  • We help them to get the sale in a negotiation
  • We train them to get a client and close the deal in English
  • We show them how to excel when presenting their company to the possible client or investor
  • We teach them the cultural differences and we make them aware of the business etiquette according to the country where they do business
  • We teach them body language and the importance of knowing when to speak up and when to remain silent in a debate
  • We prepare them to master the technical English for professionals, the appropriate vocabulary and the structures of the language according to the objectives of their business
  • We coach them how to lead a professional social life and get contacts of their interest
  • We guide them how to stand out in a job interview and get the job they want.
  • We teach them how to speak adequately, differently and how to be unstoppable.

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