The source of my passion

I love talking to my students. When people tell me they don’t like their jobs, I actually don’t know what they are talking about. The time spent with my students, which I do consider the real working time of my life, is the best experience I could possibly get.

I am their coach, their language trainer, their answer to any possible doubt they might have languagewise. But, they are my unconditional source of energy and knowledge, those extraordinary people I spend most of my time with.

So, I can´t help but wonder, should I just declare my job as my greatest passion of all, and accept the fact that it is difficult to compete with the love I feel for my work?

Every class feels like a poem, like a TV interview with the most amazing brains the world can possibly reveal, and the way they react to whatever we are discussing in the class shows their passion not just for language learning, but for their capacity to express their emotions, opinions, states of mind, creativity, imagination, sensations… in one word, their brilliance.

This is what makes my passion even stronger.

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