Strange Christmas traditions from around the world

Visitors to Barcelona never fail to be intrigued and amused by the local traditions of Caga Tio and Cageners, perhaps one of the most unusual Christmas traditions they have ever come across.

However, there are other equally amusing Christmas traditions followed in other parts of the world.

Eating KFC on Christmas in Japan

Due to some clever and timely marketing by KFC in Japan, the company has managed to position it’s product as the ‘traditional’ Christmas meal. Families pre-order or queue outside KFC outlets to collect their chicken buckets.

A romantic Christmas in Japan

Although now days Christmas in more closely related to spending time with family, in the past it used to be a romantic holiday. It used to be a time to declare your love for someone or take them out on an extra special date. Japanese love hotels used to be very busy on Christmas. Much like on Valentine’s day, no girl wanted to be left without an admirer, like an unwanted ‘Christmas cake’.

Roll baby roll in Venezuela

In Caracas the capital of Venezuela, its traditional to roller-skate to early morning mass on the days leading up to Christmas. Roads are blocked to allow church goers safe passage to skate by.

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