Saint Valentine, a friend to lovers

Today is Saint Valentine’s day and we’d like to wish you all much love and companionship in your lives.

Have you ever wondered what the story behind St. Valentine is? Why is his day a day for lovers?

St. Valentine was a bishop who lived in Rome in the 3rd century. The Roman Empire at the time was involved in a lot of wars. The Roman Emperor Claudius the second believed that marriage distracted his soldiers from fighting and committing to the war. So he banned marriage.

Bishop Valentine didn’t agree with this and continued to secretly marry any lovers who came to him for help. Eventually the emperor heard about this and put Valentine in prison. When he still refused to bow down to the emperors bullying, he was beheaded. Eventually he was sainted by the church and February declared St.Valentine’s day.

Watch this great video on what children think about Valentine’s day:

Cute Valentines Day Quotes

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