Present Simple! Por favor!

Midday. Lunchtime. Instead of lazing around and relaxing during my break, I have to study English with a group of people I don´t have anything in common with. And the teacher… I can hardly understand what she is asking me to do. She keeps talking and explaining Present Simple Tense. I am tired of all this. I have heard the same story about Present Simple so many times in my life that I know all the rules by heart. Enough already!

I should really change something in my schedule. I could study some other language. Chinese, for example. Yes, Chinese would be a really big change. They don´t have Present Simple. I really hate that -s in the third person singular. And, I feel like a little kid having to fill in all the gaps using the verbs in brackets. What is the difference between Present Simple and Continuous? I know the difference. What I don´t know and cannot do is use them properly in my sentences!

When I speak, I feel so bad about my English that I sometimes prefer to keep my mouth shut and let the others speak. I am so ashamed of my English. God, if only I could find the way out of this situation!

I have been haunted by that language for many years now, since primary school, and now, I am studying it all over again. Especially when my 10 years old daughter corrects my pronunciation in front of my friends. I feel so silly.

And then my boss. The other day, he asked me in front of a delegation from Germany to give a presentation of our company without even telling me about it in advance. I found myself standing in front of a group of Germans, with obviously high expectations to hear about our company and probably some of them already laughing at me for my Spanglish pronunciation! Real nightmare it was.

And then my lunch… I cannot remember the last time I had a proper lunch, as, thanks to my boss, not only do I have to write reports during my lunch break, but I also have to do the homework for my English class. I eat nuts and candies and small chocolate bars in my English class and it is beginning to affect my diet and my weight.

Oh, it´s already 2pm. I have to go. To my English class. Our Talent Manager has told us that the new teacher is coming. Some “English Coach”… I´d better hurry up or I´ll be late and then…. she will probably start asking me to introduce myself in front of my colleagues who will be secretly laughing at me. Let´s see what she is like, probably another lady Dracula in my life.

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