Make your dreams come true

It’s a new year and time to do a little goal setting.

Learning a new language is one of the top New Year Resolutions stated by people along with stopping smoking and losing weight.

We aren’t concerned with the details of your goals this year, but we’d like to talk about what you need to do to achieve them.

  1. Well first, we’d like you to rephrase your goals as your dreams. This isn’t the time for banal ‘drink less caffiene’ style dreams. Why not all the way? Why not dream big? How about become fit and climb a mountain? How about become fit and learn to kite surf?
  2. Next, believe in yourself. Until the moment that you truly believe you have what it takes to achieve your dream, you will not start to achieve it. Do you want to learn English? Then tell yourself to believe you will speak expressive English within a year. Believe it with all your body and soul as fact.
  3. There is no number three. Just dream big and believe in yourself. That’s all it takes.


Written for My Language Coach © 2014 Prithika Nair. All rights reserved.

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