How to Speak English Fluently by MLC Method

My Language Coach is based on the following principles of language learning: 

  1. Study word families: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, both their positive and negative forms.
  2. Learn to combine them in simple structures. Later on, you will learn how to combine these short structures into longer and more complex sentence units.
  3. Learn and study typical English expressions, learn how to pronounce them and use them repeatedly. Repetition is the key to both language fluency and accuracy, as well as to your confidence in speaking a foreign language.
  4. Create your own vocabulary list of all the most important words you learn from a lesson. Remember to use them in an example of your choice, which you could look up on the internet or in a dictionary, and then create a similar example of your own. Don´t forget to learn 5 to 8 words on daily basis and repeat them in the same way, through the examples. Also, look for a synonym of that particular word. In that way, you will already learn at least two words. If necessary, especially in case of false friends, write down the translation of the word in your Vocabulary list. Remember: repetition is the key.
  5. When speaking, don´t translate. This is the most dificult stage in your language learning, but you still have to give it a try.
  6. The order of your learning process should be reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  7. Speak out loud the material you are listening to and practice what you hear. Practice speaking out loud until your mouth and brain can do it without any effort. By doing so, you will be able to speak English fluently.
  8. Read out loud. This can be difficult if you are trying to understand what you are reading, but at this stage, you should give the priority to correct pronunciation and not necessarily the meaning. This is a simple pronunciation practice, similar to tongue twisters, but with a long context. Very soon you will notice how your pronunciation improves soaringly.
  9. You don´t have to be extraordinarily smart to learn a language. You don´t even have to trave abroad. There are many people who decide to spend some time abroad, even live in an English speaking country and learn very little English.  The most important thing is to surround yourself with English. You can do this by making rules with your friends about speaking only in English. You can start using the podcasts and listening practices in your iPods and iPhones, constantly exposing yourself to listening to English. Immerse yourself in English and you will learn several times faster.
  10.  Study correct material and in the correct way. Repetition without understanding what you are repeating will not get you any success in English. You need to understand what you are listening to. Therefore, don´t exceed your language level, go step by step.
  11.  Actively participate in the forums and post comments in the blogs, wherever you have a chance to use your English.
  12.  In English, there are many typically mispronounced words. The list you have been given in your online classroom is based on the most frequently mispronounced words by Spanish speakers. Learn to pronounce these words and your pronunciation will increase immediately and noticeably.
  13.  Learn to listen to yourself.
  14.  You should be able to spare at least 1 hour a day to study English. Think about it as part of your daily routine, your workout in the gym, going to work, or meeting friends for a drink. Very soon, it will become a very important part of your life.
  15.  If you want to hire an English teacher, always choose a professional one. Don´t underestimate yourself by opting for a native speaker with no or very little teaching educational background. Very soon, you will find yourself in a situation of making little or no progress, simply because you will naturally want to know more about the language, to understand why you need to say things in a specific way, and the teacher you are working with will be unable to explain. Eventually, you will have to change the teacher and hire a professional one. Don´t let a couple of  €€ difference decide about your language progress. By paying low price for your classes you will be eventually wasting money. It is much more money efficient if you take fewer classes with a professional teacher than many hours for a cheap price with a non-professional one. Mark my words.

If you apply all these rules, there is no way you won´t speak English fluently, accurately and with confidence.

For any further questions, please contact your Language Coach Helen Jel Colak.

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