How to master English and learn more languages

Susannah Zaraysky explains her simple yet logical steps to mastering a language. She is a polyglot who speaks seven languages herself and advises you to make the language a part of your daily routine.

As we always tell our students, speaking English for just an hour or two in your English class will not help improve your English. It needs to be backed up by home work. Susannah’s suggestions include listening to the radio, T.V and music in your target language. Then, stick post-it notes around your house with vocabulary, and start bringing the language into other parts of your life. Make your shopping list in English. Change your phone’s language to English. Read a recipe in English.

Why stop at one language? Wouldn’t you like to learn another language as well? Susannah outlines techniques to learn two languages simultaneously. If you are interested in learning another language, you may interested to know My Language Coach now offers specialist course in German, French and Portuguese to our clients! Email us for more information at .

Written for My Language Coach © 2014 Prithika Nair. All rights reserved.

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