Recomendaciones y comentarios de alumnos 2


Recomendaciones y comentarios de alumnos

“Jelena Colak was hired as a lecturer in the English and German Studies department at the University of Barcelona when I was head of department. I can thoroughly recommend her professionalism as a teacher and as an academic, and especially for her commitment and dedication to her students.”

Bill Phillips, Dr. Universitat de Barcelona , Jelena’s Ph.D. Supervisor and Mentor

“Jelena Helen is an enthusiastic English teacher. Her warmth and professionality are high level as well as her commitment with her work. She is, probably, the best English teacher I know.”

Monica Rius, Professora Agregada, University of Barcelona

“It was a pleasure for me to have Jelena as my english teacher. She is an excellent professional. She has great teaching skills and a lot of empathy with students. My two sons (teenagers) are also students of her academy and all of us are very happy with their english courses… the flexibility to adapt to the learning needs of my kids at any given time, their ability to make the classes very enjoyable without forgetting the academic part is what we value most. My sons and I highly recommend her school.

María Jesús González, a client

“Jelena Colak is a great language teacher, which projects a inmense deal of energy in her classes making them interesting as well as very useful. She structures the classes and provides the content to the student in the most efficient and professional way.”

Inigo Mendoza, a client

“Increiblemente efectiva. Es la única profesora de inglés que he tenido que me ha hecho realmente ponerme las pilas con ello.Te motiva, te da confianza, y por supuesto te exige. Se adapta a tus necesidad.En resumen, una gran profesional.”

Manel Hidalgo Mena, a client

“Helen… You are a very welcoming person with the ability of involving people in the amazing path of learning a language. You are also friendly and patient. Both characteristics help the students in the process of learning.”


“First of all, thanks for your confidence. I’d like to say that you are a very good teacher when it comes to involving people in your classes. Also, you choose very interesting and up-to-date items to discuss in class, in which all the students have something to say. You are able to create a very good atmosphere in the class which stimulates our speaking fluency.”

Teresa Castells, Pharmacist, business owner

“Helen is the main reason why I’m taking English classes again. I was captured by her character and professionalism. She has the knack of being able to empathize with her students and to adapt her methodology to each one of us. So, I highly recommend her classes to people who need to start with or consolidate their English language.”

Ramon Camí, Gerent de l’Àrea d’Iniciació a la Internacionalització Unitat d’Internacionalització Empresarial ACC1Ó | COMPETITIVITAT PER L´EMPRESA Generalitat de Catalunya

“Helen is my English teacher in the English Proficiency class. Helen is a very smart, pragmatic and intelligent person. As a person, she is honest, reliable, with a lot of sense of humour and very friendly. I´ve known Helen since a few months ago but I’ve got the feeling that she is always ready to go the extra miles for people who need her help. I’m always amazed by the energy and creativity she puts in to the classes and she does it with a problem solving attitude. She is always extremely helpful by effectively dealing with all language issues that we face in our English classes. What sets Helen apart from other English teachers that I have had is her ability to carefully listen to her students and help them to progress very quickly reaching their objectives!“

Big hugs from Clara Saludes, student in Link &Lynx – language school, Barcelona

“Helen nos ha encontrado la profesora perfecta de francés que se adapta totalmente a nuestras necesidades. Isabelle Déjean es una gran profesional, que estructura muy bien las clases y combina perfectamente el trabajo de revisión de la gramática, la práctica oral y la comprensión con actividades muy variadas y eficaces. Isabelle es muy creativa, empática y flexible. Siempre abierta a propuestas que hacen que el aprendizaje de la lengua sea muy ameno.“

Cristina Serradell Quincannon , ACCIÓ, Barcelona

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2 thoughts on “Recomendaciones y comentarios de alumnos


    Helen has an exceptional talent for teaching English. She transmits to us her passion for teaching and learning, together with her high English knowledge, always with rhythm in the class and good mood. And consequently, she gets our total commitment for working and improving, and all our loyalty and affection for her. The only problem with Helen is that when you take an English class with her, you don’t want to have any other teacher… any more… anywhere… But don’t worry, she knows the style, the level and the quality of the service she wants to give from MLC, and she is ALSO great in recruiting other English teachers who do it as well as she does.
    Thanks dear Helen to have appeared in our lives, for the sake of our English and for the gift of knowing a wonderful person like you.