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Consulta nuestros nuevos CURSOS 2017/18!!
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The First Step to True Communication

Communication is and should be about understanding other people´s emotions, their state of mind, their needs and their worries. Let me give you an example. When we get home after a hard day at work, all we want is to plunge into our sofa, have a shower, a nice dinner and go to sleep. But, […]

Present Simple! Por favor!

Midday. Lunchtime. Instead of lazing around and relaxing during my break, I have to study English with a group of people I don´t have anything in common with. And the teacher… I can hardly understand what she is asking me to do. She keeps talking and explaining Present Simple Tense. I am tired of all […]

The source of my passion

I love talking to my students. When people tell me they don’t like their jobs, I actually don’t know what they are talking about. The time spent with my students, which I do consider the real working time of my life, is the best experience I could possibly get. I am their coach, their language […]

Saint Valentine, a friend to lovers

Today is Saint Valentine’s day and we’d like to wish you all much love and companionship in your lives. Have you ever wondered what the story behind St. Valentine is? Why is his day a day for lovers? St. Valentine was a bishop who lived in Rome in the 3rd century. The Roman Empire at […]