Saturdays with MLC

Saturdays with MLC

TIMETABLE: Saturday mornings from 10,00 – 11,00am in a friendly atmosphere of one of local bars in lively Gracia district

TEACHER/COACH: Every Saturday discussion workshops with a different MLC teacher, so you can listen to different native accents and get to know each other as well


  • Speak in English
  • Listen to all kinds of English accents
  • Express and defend your opinion,
  • Lose fear from speaking in English with others (and not only with your classmates and your teacher)
  • Gain fluency and confidence
  • Interact and share your opinion about literally EVERYTHING in English.

PRICING: 0€ for MLC students

If an MLC student wants to bring a non-MLC person along to participate in the MLC Discussion Workshop, he/she pays 10€/session

PARTICIPATION: 1-15 students / session

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday by 2pm before the Saturday session by sending an email to

LEVEL: No level requirement, challenge yourself!

Find time for yourself and your English language practice while having a morning coffee with other MLC students and your teachers

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