English in Barcelona

(English for Work)

  • English for work focuses on the main parts of professional’s agenda: meetings, presentations, negotiations, small talk, management, marketing, professional correspondence etc.
  • It provides students with the most essential and varied work-related vocabulary. Students interact with each other, simulating work situations in which they learn how to effectively defend their positions and use the vocabulary in work contexts.
  • Courses are highly personalized and adapted to all levels.

(with the emphasis on speaking and listening skills)

  • This type of English course trains a student to listen and to speak English in every possible situation in his/her daily life.
  • The goal is that the student loses fear from speaking in English and to become able to understand people speaking to them in different English accents.
  • Courses are highly personalized and adapted to all levels.

(Pharmaceuticals, Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Arts, Photography, Literature, Translations, Aviation, etc.)

  • As everybody works in a different professional area, sometimes it is essential to master English from that specific area of work. Therefore, English for Specific Purposes focuses on each and every of those professional areas separately.
  • The goal of this course is to achieve an excellent command of English related to your highly technical and specific area of work.
  • Courses are highly personalized and adapted to all levels.

(Composition, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, English Language History, Descriptive Grammar)

  • Mastering English through really understanding the syntax, grammar, phonetics, history of the language and academic technical writing is the goal of this type of mlc language training.
  • If you are a philology student, who would like to deepen their knowledge of your language proficiency and to approach the English language from an expert point of view, these are the courses designed for you.
  • Courses are highly personalized and adapted to all levels, however, the preferred minimum level is upper-intermediate (B2).


We indisputably argue for the importance of the official exams, training our students to achieve outstanding results and to pass their exams within the minimum timeframe possible (6-9 months).