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Saint Valentine, a friend to lovers

Today is Saint Valentine’s day and we’d like to wish you all much love and companionship in your lives. Have you ever wondered what the story behind St. Valentine is? Why is his day a day for lovers? St. Valentine was a bishop who lived in Rome in the 3rd century. The Roman Empire at […]

Make your dreams come true

It’s a new year and time to do a little goal setting. Learning a new language is one of the top New Year Resolutions stated by people along with stopping smoking and losing weight. We aren’t concerned with the details of your goals this year, but we’d like to talk about what you need to […]

Remember to schedule nothing this week

Do you sometimes feel carried away by a tide of work? Do you always have a long list of things to do, emails to answer, meetings to attend and reports to write? Work can get a bit too hectic sometimes and we can feel like we are always fire-fighting. In business terms fire-fighting refers to […]